Caribee CBD is the New Wave To Ride

About Caribee CBD - Based in Southern California, Caribee is launching under a new direction to bring quality CBD products for everyone to enjoy. Existing products include CBD drink infusers of various tropical flavors and CBD capsules of varying strengths

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Caribee feels that everyone should be able to enjoy the relief and relaxation associated with CBD, whether they be a busy parent, professional, athlete, student, or any of the above.«Caribee is a place we can all imagine, a place to escape from the daily stresses or worries of our day,» says Nathan Vasquez, CEO of Caribee CBD. More than just a tagline, 'Stay Breezy' embodies a stress-free vibe, empowering people to discover moments of calm in their own paradise. To that end, Caribee's drink infusers are completely vegan and sugar-free. 

Caribee CBD will be launching new items including a 30-serving tub of the drink mix in either Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, or an Unflavored variety for coffee or tea, as well as the hyper-convenient CBD Capsules, and a customer rewards program that gives customers the chance to win prizes and save on future purchases. 

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