20-bedroom North Tustin home with tie to Soka University hits the market at $19.9 million

Posted on 10/04/2018

Soka 1

If you have a spare $20 million laying around, this could be the home for you!

A secluded North Tustin home with 20 bedrooms that once attracted TV’s “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” is for sale for $19.9 million.

The estate, on 26 acres, is...

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Southern California home sales slowdown deepened in February; agents see busier times ahead

Posted on 03/27/2019


Sales plunged nearly 12%. The pullback comes after years of steady price increases put homeownership out of reach for many families. “[Buyers] are just being more cautious where they are putting their dollars,” said San Fernando Valley real estate...

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The Best Time to Put Your Home on the Market, in Every Metro Area

Posted on 03/28/2019


The time of year people are looking to snag a new home. Listings made the first week of April tend to get 14 percent more views. Why? Other folks dragging their feet about listing their places haven’t quite gotten around to putting theirs on the...

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Thousands of people ask Governor Newsom to save Flintstone House sculptures

Posted on 03/26/2019


The people of the Bay Area have spoken on the case of Hillsborough v. The lawn sculptures cascading down the backyard of the unique house are not «eye sores,» as a recent complaint against the house stated, but joyous neighborhood attractions. At...

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